Vintage Mirror Wall Using Flea Market Finds

I've gotten many vintage mirrors and picture frames from my local flea market. Mirrors and frames depending on their size and quality usually run anywhere from $1 to $7 at the flea market in our town.  I love getting such great deals!  They usually need a bit of cleaning up or painting, but they have so much charm and character, I love them!  These mirrors each measure over two feet tall.  This first picture has a larger full length mirror (black frame) on the left.  I am not keeping this particular mirror as the frame is too thick, but I do like the idea of having a taller mirror in the bedroom so I can see myself full length when I get ready.

When finding vintage pieces at flea markets, swap meets, yard sales and thrift stores, try to look past the ugly paint colors and finishes on frames or the ugly pictures in the frames.  You can always paint the frame and remove the pictures.  Here are a few frames that I found that had pictures and glass in them.  After I removed the pictures, they looked so much better!

I played with the different mirrors and frames on the wall quite a bit.  I moved them around into different positions until I finally decided on a look that I like.  This picture was the first look I tried.  It felt a bit too triangular for my preference.

I removed the bottom oval frame and I liked the layout better but felt like something was still missing.  

This is the what I finally came up with.  I like the way the wall currently looks (except the black mirror on the left side).  I do want to keep a tall mirror on the left, but I need to find one with a thinner frame and most likely in white.  It may take awhile to find the right mirror, so for now, this is how I am keeping it (because it functions well).  I can actually see what I am wearing from head to toe for the first time in over 2 years.

My next bedroom makeover project is that wood cabinet (armoire and bookshelves) you see at the left of the pictures.  I am working on painting it and distressing it.  I should be able to reveal it sometime next week.

Until then,
Happy decorating!



  1. This looks so great... You have a real knack for decorating......

  2. Hi Diana! Beautiful space. What is n the brand and name of the wall color you used? We will be painting our tongue and groove living room soon and are looking for ideas. Thanks! - Erin

    1. The color is called Light Silver Sage. I originally found it at Restoration Hardware. For this room I had an old sample of it computer color matched at Lowe's.


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