California Backyard Wedding - In January

This past weekend my big brother got married.  It was a backyard wedding here in Southern California.  Yes,  in the middle of January, they had a Hawaiian tropical themed outdoor wedding.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Thank You Lord!  It was one day before it got cold, windy and rainy (phew!!!).  Our family arrived the day before the wedding to help with set up and decorate. These first pictures are from the day and night before the wedding.

This is the groom and bride the day before the wedding... having fun and being silly.

How many men does it take to put a pole in straight... haha just kidding.   This is my brother, my dad and my husband fixing the pole in the ground... and my mom in the background decorating a fishing net.

My mother and my oldest daughter stopped long enough to let me snap a picture.

The yard looked so pretty with all of the tiki torches and heat lamps lit!  This was taken just before the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

The morning of the wedding.  My mother and youngest daughter putting sand and seashells on the black charger plates under the tropical floral arrangements.

Bar area...

The flowers were all done by my amazing mother.  She did floral design for many years and is an amazing decorator.  I think I get my decorating and DIY crafty side from her!!!

Although I like and prefer to be behind the camera.  I did get into a few pictures, because my hubby made me, lol.  This is me with my youngest daughter.  I am not short, in fact I'm 5'8"...  She is just wearing super tall heals and I was in flats :)

The beautiful bride was escorted by her son.

The did a blending of the families, sand art... where the parents from each side and the children from each side put different colors of sand into a heart jar.  It is a beautiful keepsake and a reminder of their day and their vows that they will display in their home.

Now a few posed wedding photos...

The bride and groom with all the parents.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!  Now it's Party time...

While the banquet tables were being set up this little girl snuck a cupcake and took a seat off by herself.  She looked at me like "who me... I'm innocent"... lol

Some of the kids found a place to play on the side of the property.  I found them bouncing on this hammock... I asked them to say cheese and they stopped to pose for this picture.  I couldn't believe how they all just happily stopped to pose and then as soon as I said okay thanks, they got to rough housing and jumping again... It was pretty darn cute!

First a few girls were on the dance floor.... or should I say they started dancing poolside.

Before long a few men joined in too.

A simple backyard wedding... A wonderful day was had by all...

Now I have a sister :)  Welcome to the family Christie!


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  1. Oh my gosh. The pics are absolutely beautiful! Looks like you all had a super time. Congrats to your family!!


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