Plastic Chairs for Thanksgiving? Dining Table Status

For those of you that are wondering how the dining table and chair renovation project is going. The table is finished and it made it into the house. However, the chairs are still a work in progress. We had to custom order trim for the upholstery edging and it has still not arrived. It was ordered over two weeks ago, but the turn around time was 2 to 4 weeks. So I guess we will have it done for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. This Thursday we won't be using our formal area. I  really don't want to use it until it is fully completed... And.... somehow sitting on plastic yard chairs doesn't exactly scream formal... Lol. I am not decorating this room until the chairs are fully done. We have a nice bar height table that seats up to eight people in our kitchen nook, so it will work fine for Thanksgiving. Often, projects have delays that are beyond our control... I've learned to just go with the flow! I will post the finished product (before and afters) of our dining room once we fully complete it. We should have the chair trim within the next two weeks, therefore we should have the project fully complete for Christmas.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday..

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