Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. I have been very busy trying to get everything ready as our first bit of company arrives tomorrow. I just finished all of my grocery shopping for the holiday and for this week. My grocery bill was by far the largest it has ever been! I knew I had a lot to buy, but I had no idea how much it would cost. I used one of those double wide carts (the kind that hold two toddlers in the upper seat). Only I didn't have any toddlers, I just had lots and lots of stuff! I shopped with a grocery list and rarely strayed from that list. Other than remembering that I needed yams and brown sugar, which I had forgotten to include on my list, I pretty much stuck to my plan. The double wide shopping cart was loaded to the max... I snapped these pictures about 15 minutes before I was done with the shopping. People were actually saying things to me in the store about how full my cart was... One one little girl said "Wow, that is a lot of groceries"... I just smiled and said, "Yes it is". I figured when I got through the checkout the total was maybe $300... and I was hopeful it was less. After all, many of the items were on holiday special, so I was getting several bargains. I was shocked when the checker told me, $403.00 (Ouch!!!)... But, I had to do it... but darn, that could have been an amazing shopping spree elsewhere!

It took two carts fully loaded down with packed bags to get it to my car out in the parking lot. And guess what? Lucky me, it was pouring down rain when I exited the store. I got soaking wet, the groceries were all soaking wet, but it was actually a fun and memorable adventure. Here in Southern California we don't usually have much rain... We don't really plan for rain. In fact we rarely carry an umbrella (if we even own one). Anyways, all is well... The groceries and made it home and my wonderful hubby helped me put them all away <3

Next, I'm off to make dinner and then finish a few decor projects before company arrives.

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 Until next time...

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  1. I have never been able to stuff a shopping cart so full of food like the one shown here,.... but its only me and my little ones, so it doesn't have to be. I love it to be as simple and as natural as possible. Really love this site. Thanks !


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