July 29, 2014

Summertime Drinks in Mason Jars

I absolutely love using Mason Jars in the summertime for serving cold drinks! Simply adding a cute Paper Straw and some fruit makes them so inviting.

July 27, 2014

I Have Decorating ADD - "Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder"

I recently realized that I have "Decorating ADD" (Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder). I have several projects in progress all at one time. They are each at the 75% to 85% completion stage. I haven't shared many of them since they aren't completely done. 

I'm wondering as DIY blog followers do you prefer to see projects little by little as they progress (seeing both the successes and the occasional pitfalls/failures)? Or would you rather see posts that only show the project through to their Grand Reveal?

Some projects take a long time while waiting to find the last few decorative pieces to complete the space. During this time I tend to move on to a new project (or two or three). Other times I'll be visiting a thrift store, yard sale or flea market and I'll find an amazing piece that inspires an entirely new project. When this happens I'm guilty of leaving a prior (not quite finished) project in the dust. I find that having a creative brain it needs be creating at all times. The creating process never really stops. 

There have been times that I've thought I'd love to live in a model perfect home that wasn't like a constant canvas or art piece that is being created... However, I think I'd get bored if I wasn't creating something new at all times. I imagine it's like that for all creative types. At least I hope I'm not the only one with Decorating ADD! 

So I ask you this question... Do you want to see my projects as they happen through their entire process (including my decorating ADD), or would you rather see just the post that shows everything with the Final Reveal?

Please comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!



July 18, 2014

Garage Door Gets A Facelift

We just gave our garage door a much needed makeover/facelift. It's actually just a new fresh coat of paint and a warmer color. We used Behr Marquee exterior paint from Home Depot. The color I had mixed to match to a color called Sable from Sherwin Williams. This first photo shows you the newly painted door. 

Our garage door had become very faded and chalky from direct sun light beating on it. The old color was a boring drab dark brown which did nothing to help our homes curb appeal. You can see how drastic the before and after change is in this next photo.

This Behr Marquee paint is a primer and paint all in one.. It's supposed to be Fade Resistant. So hopefully the garage door will look beautiful for several years to come.

It's amazing how much improvement can be made with just a can of paint and a little work. I love the finished result! 

The fresh paint on the garage door made me realize that the shutters on our house are pretty faded too.  I'm thinking it might be time to freshen them up also. Although I'm a little leery of having my hubby climb on the roof to paint them, I'm pretty sure he will be up for it. 

Time for me to find a shutter color. They're currently dark green, but maybe a color with a bit of teal in it will look good.

What do you think?


July 10, 2014

Model Homes with Character in New Anaheim

Have you ever considered looking at model homes for decorating inspiration? When I was younger I used to love looking through model homes and dreaming of the house we would someday own. Now that we are homeowners I still find I love looking at models for inspiration. 

Recently we visited some model homes in an area of Southern California called "New Anaheim". It's still technically just Anaheim California, and it's fairly close to Disneyland... In fact it's pretty close to everything Southern California. The area is called New Anaheim because this downtown district has been newly revived. Within walking distance are many shops, trendy boutiques, cafes, restaurants and art museums. 

The models we visited are called CASITA and Cortile (by builder Brookfield Residential). They are in the planned neighborhood of Colony Park in the Historic Colony District of Anaheim. The neighborhood has many resort like amenities that include parks, pools, cabanas, gathering and barbecue areas and even a dog park. 

Close by shopping, restaurants and entertainment areas include Center Street, Promenade, the Packard Building and Packing House, and Farmers Park where they have a weekly farmers market.

I loved looking though these model homes as it reminded me how much charm and character can be added to a home, even when it is a new build. 

Even though everything in this home is new, the brick veneer on the wall actually felt like that of an old historic home or loft space. Replicas of vintage pieces like the industrial table on caster wheels which could double as a portable island and also the vintage inspired lighting fixture added such a feeling of warmth and charm to the space. 


Each and every model was decorated in a way that made the homes feel as if they had a sense of history in them. I don't know who the decorator was on these, but I loved them so much it actually made both me and my husband want to buy one. Although that won't be happening any time soon, I will be going back to get additional pictures of the other rooms and the other homes.

I'll be sharing the inspiration!
Until next time,


June 30, 2014

Crafting Failure - What Not to Do

Have you ever started a craft or decor project and just not like how it was looking... only to continue and further dislike it? That happened to me for the first time this past week.

Each major holiday I usually craft a new wreath for our entry door. As we celebrate Independence Day (Fourth of July) here in America I love decorating with the traditional patriotic Red, White & Blue! So, two weeks ago I decided to come up with a new wreath idea (new to me). I have seen mesh wreaths all over the internet but I had never made one. I decided to give it a try. 

My first mistake was that I wasn't smart enough to look and see how people were actually making them, I just set out to do it all on my own. 

The first picture shows the materials I had purchased to make my wreath. It looked like a good start. I was going to paint the stars white and cover them in white glitter (which I already had). The mesh I was planning to gather, loop and tie around the wreath.  

In my mind, this was going to be so cute!!! However, I quickly discovered that the bright white wreath form looked horrible under the mesh. The mesh is very very see through. It didn't seem to matter how much I gathered and scrunched it around the wreath... I just kept seeing the white styrofoam still showing through. I was so disappointed with it that I just pulled it apart... which means I forgot to take a photo of my first failed attempt!

At about midnight I got the idea to use a wire coat hangar as my wreath frame. I bent and shaped the hangar until it was round and used the top as a hook where I would be able to hang it from. Since the mesh is so full and fluffy I figured the wire frame would work. And it did... 

I used thin craft wire to attach the mesh to the wreath frame (coat hanger). Every six or so inches I gathered the mesh and twisted a wire around it to fasten. When I was done with the blue I pushed it all together semi tight around the frame. I had planned the blue to be about 25% of the wreath and then the red/white the other 75%.

As I started adding the red and white mesh I realized that choosing two totally different size/thicknesses of mesh was a big mistake! The blue mesh was only 6" wide while the red/white mesh was 21" wide. Making many blue loops and then pushing them together made the blue look nice and full. 

As I got started with the red/white mesh it started looking lumpy and lopsided right from the beginning. Although it is not as noticeable in the photo, I just couldn't deal with the lopsided look. I walked away from it for a couple of days and then went back to it... but I still wasn't happy with it. I ended up pulling it apart. I am going to save the mesh for a future craft, but this is one project that I admit was a FAIL.

So this is pretty much a lesson in what not to do. But as long as I learned from it (and I did), then I guess it's not a total fail.

I know with a blog called Anyone Can Decorate, I shouldn't make mistakes :) But, I am real and I wouldn't want anyone to think that I always get it right. We all make mistakes, and it's okay!