DIY Holiday Mirror Idea

I came across this picture a few years ago and I absolutely loved the mirrors with the letters JOY on them. I knew that someday I wanted to do this same thing in my master bedroom. I finally got my three mirrors. They have a gilver frame (Yes, I said GILVER, which is a term that I learned while watching Rachel Zoe... it's a name for goldish silver, which is quite popular these days). Not that I normally get educated watching reality shows.. but every now and then, I can't help but pick up the lingo (lol). Now I need to get to the craft store for some letters! These letters appear to be glued to the mirrors. I will be hanging my letters with ribbon so they can be removed after Christmas. Yes, I am being a bit of a copy cat... However, when you see a good idea, there is no reason you can't do your own version of it! That is what is so nice about looking at photos for inspiration... Sometimes we find exactly what we want to do :)

Now, back to working on my Christmas decorations...  More to share soon!

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