Vintage Mirror Collecting - Flea Market Finds

Happy first day of March :)  Wasn't it was just Christmas?  It sure seems like it...  It's amazing how fast time seems to goes by!!!

This past weekend my hubby and I went to the flea market and hit a few garage sales...  It was so much fun!!!  I am working on collecting a variety of vintage and antique mirrors. They are all different shapes and sizes.  I am planning to do collected mirror wall up our stairwell.  I found a couple of mirrors at our local flea market, one at an antique store and another at a thrift store.  Below is a picture of the pieces I have collected so far.  All together I paid a total of $78 for everything you see in this picture.  Considering the round mirror was $32 at an antique store, it was only $46 for all of the other items combined.  When this project is done it will look like I spent several hundreds of dollars on it, but it is actually being done on a major budget!  I still need to find a few more pieces.  Then I will paint and and distress the frames so they will all have a cohesive look.  I think I will be using an antique white color on them all.  The top left mirror is currently taped off and painted with Rustoleum Heirloom White.  I think it is what I will be using on all of them. I have not yet removed the tape/paper from the mirror because I going to distress and glaze it a bit first.  It will be awhile before the entire job is complete, but I am excited to get going on it.

Also in this picture are some small old gesso frames with vintage art and a giant ornate spoon.  The gold color of the old syrocco spoon is a bit cheesy, but once I've painted it antique white and distressed it, I think it will be beautiful.  I'm not sure yet as to where I will use the spoon like wall hanging... but possibly in my guest bathroom with cute rolled up wash cloths and body lotion and soaps for guests.  Walking around the flea market seeing all sorts of interesting objects my brain overflows with tons of possibilities of what to do with each of them.  I just wish I could complete each project as fast as I think of it :)

Here are a few pictures of collected vintage mirror walls that I came across for inspiration -

 (via: Someday Crafts)

(via: Country Living)

(via: Vintage Revivals)

Well, I suppose I should go and get some housework done...  Then I can get back to decorating.

Until next time...


  1. I love those antique mirrors! I'm dying to get out and do some flea marketing and garage saleing soon!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) I love my little local flea market... different stuff every week... and so little cost for the deals I find :)

  2. I have a thing for mirrors, too! I love gallery walls of them! You sure found some great ones.

  3. You found some beautiful mirrors. (I just finished up a gallery wall of sunburst mirrors, myself.) Your gallery wall will look great!


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