Outdoor Chandelier Ideas

There is something so romantic and charming about outdoor chandeliers.  Whether electrified or candle holders they both add a ton of ambiance to any space!  Chandeliers are great light sources and can be used hanging from the trees, from a gazebo or from an awning.

You can often find inexpensive vintage brass or gold color chandeliers at thrift stores and garage sales.  They ususally run only between $5 to $20.  Just spray paint your chandelier whatever color you like and add a swag light cord, for easy plug in.  If you don't want to attempt electrical, you can easily remove the electrical sockets from the fixture and use it as a candle chandelier.

This chandelier adds such a beautiful romantic and sparkling centerpiece to this wedding gazebo.

Here is another beautiful chandelier hanging from a tree.  There are additional white lights dripping down from the branches.  This is a stunning idea for a wedding reception or any romantic outdoor occasion!

Being that our house is fairly new, our backyard is currently all dirt... When we finally get our patio and some landscaping I hope to incorporate an outdoor chandelier over our dining table.



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