Decorating Trends and Hot Colors

My hubby and I got to visit to one of my favorite malls in Southern California yesterday (Fashion Valley mall in San Diego).  While we were there I visited a home decor store that I love, called "Z Gallerie".  I took my camera along and shot several pictures of the latest decorating trends and some color combinations that are currently very popular.

Aqua, turquoise and Tiffany blue have been popular for quite awhile now.  I've been on the aqua and brown bandwagon myself for a few years.  In fact I'm pretty much obsessed with Aqua!  I can say, without a doubt, that I love it...

Recently I've seen turquoise with white and/or creamy off white becoming very popular.  Here are some great pictures of some of the recent trends in home decor.  

Silver painted finishes, reflective metallic objects and mirrors are huge in almost every style of home decor and interior design right now.

Beautiful accent pieces are to home decorating what jewelry is to fashion.... An absolute must!!!

The use of natural elements and found objects can add tons of character and texture to your decor.  These white coral pieces are stunning on the table.

Nail head trim on furniture can be seen in just about every decor store.  I have yet to have any in my house, but I have found several pieces that I am fond of, including this bench.

I am loving this dining side chair with the large nail heads and slight winged back (fantastic, gorgeous, love love love it, okay, so you get the hint)...

Tufting on chairs, benches, sofas, headboards and ottomans is another decorating trend that I am happy to see make a huge comeback.  I remember growing up with tufted swivel chairs back in the 70's.  By the 80's I thought they were horrible (especially when they were in avocado green or gold... lol.  For those of you that don't remember, avocado green and gold were all the rage in the 70's, even on our appliances.. yuck). Today you can actually find swivel chairs in most furniture stores again.  I didn't think they would ever make a comeback, but they have.  It's amazing to see the trends in furniture design from my childhood repeat themselves again.  However, I must say, the current color trends are a vast (HUGE) improvement!

 This tufted wing-back headboard with nail-head trim is a piece that I would absolutely LOVE to own!  I think this would be a little hard to make on my own as a DIY project, and it is a bit too steep for my pocketbook, so maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery... hehe.  My master bedroom would be so grateful!

This next tufted headboard is a bit more contemporary.  Not so much my style, but still very pretty.

I really enjoy the way this store is set up.  Having displays of the different color combinations and accessories all together makes it so easy to envision the different styles in your own home.  It also makes for incredibly easy accessorizing for each color scheme.  It reminded me a little of Girranimals (spelling???), a clothing line that used to exist for kids, where you just matched the tags and if the animal on the tags matched up, then the clothes went together.  In this decor store, you just pick the color combination you like, and then choose different pieces off of the wall, as they all look good together... (I hope that made sense).  

This aubergine purple wall with silver and white pieces was stunning in person!  Especially against the dark wood background.  This color combination would also look awesome with dark gray.

Bright pops of color are becoming more and more popular both in home decor and fashion.  I have seen allot of yellow with gray and also yellow with tan recently.  I myself have yet to embrace this, or embrace any of the super bright colors (like intense orange or fuchsia).  I do like some of it when I see it, however it's just not for me.  Not this year anyway!  Next year, you never know.  

I recommend that if you do decide to go with something super bright in your home, that you only use the bright colors on your accent pieces and accessories only.  This way they can be easily changed out with the seasons or whenever you get tired of them.  In fact, I always use neutrals on my primary pieces, and then just rotate out the accessories to give my home a fresh new look.  

Something like this bright yellow is likely just a fad (no offense to those that love it) but it may not last very long... However, if you decide to give it a go and then you do get tired of it,  just remember this : Spray Paint works wonders on accessories and wood furniture to give your items an entirely new look and new life...  And it is a ton cheaper than buying new pieces every time you want a change. does offer online shopping on their site and also you can request a catalog.  Their tagline is Stylish Home Decor & Chic Furniture at Affordable Prices.  No I don't get paid to promote them, I just enjoy their stuff and thought I would share it with you all :) Some of their furniture prices are a little steep for me, but they do have great stuff and some of their accessories are reasonably priced...  So if you like what you see, give them a visit.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!

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  1. I love aqua. The displays at Z Gallerie are inspirational. I do have fun looking at their website, but their prices are too high for me to actually order anything. I agree with you about the bright colors. Bright pops of color are fine, but I can't imagine painting a room neon yellow or tangerine orange!


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