A Little Bit of Sunshine - Decorating with Yellow

It's raining here today here in Southern California and I myself am  ready for some sunshine!!!  So here we go... Decorating with Yellow - Bring the sunshine inside :)

This past week while I was out shopping I saw that yellow is making a huge come back in home decor.  I saw tons of citron yellow (super bright yellow) and I wasn't sure if I could embrace it, but after looking around at some ideas for decorating with yellow, I'm coming around to actually liking it quite a bit.  Below are some of my favorite examples of what a little yellow can do.  

Yellow definitely gives a pop of wow on this interior sliding barn door that separates a master bedroom and bath.

 (via: Southern Living)

I love the contrast of the yellow against the dark grey walls and white moldings.

 (via Inspiration For Home)

The style in this next picture is too modern and much too contemporary for me, but it does show that just a little punch of yellow goes a long long way!

Yellow also looks great with black!  Having some white and neutral accents mixed in helps the space to not look too much like a bumble bee...

 (via: Country Living)

  (via: Country Living)

This next room, from Sew Dang Cute... really is so dang cute :)  I'm loving the dark grey and white stripes on the walls, and yellow used just in the accents.

After seeing so many different shades of yellow done with greys, browns and black as contrasts, this whole decorating with yellow thing is growing on me quite a bit.  I still wouldn't paint a whole room yellow.  But pops of yellowy sunshine throughout the room can be quite pretty.  

I find that I am liking yellows that are a little more subtle like the color on this next cabinet...  It's definitely still yellow, but not as intense as some of the others above.

(via Country Living)

I really like this chair from Anthropologie :)  The print gives it a touch of whimsy and it's just the right shade of yellow... I even have a spot for it in my house... Now, I just need to with the Lottery (hehe)...

I hope all this yellow brings you a little bit of sunshine..

Happy St. Patricks Day...
and happy decorating!


  1. I just did a post on some yellow paint colors too. I think the really bright yellows are trendy, but the butter cream ones are classic.
    The brights are growing on me, but only for pops of color in accessories.


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