March 28, 2012

Camping in Vintage Chic Style

Have you ever wanted a motor home or a travel trailer but can't afford one?  I admit I usually like the brand new one's that I can't possibly ever afford!  But, what about getting an older inexpensive one and giving it a complete face lift makeover?

The other day as I was helping my in laws post their motor-home on Craigslist, I started wondering what it would be like to give an RV or travel trailer a complete makeover... How much fun it would be to redo one in a completely soft cottage romantic shabby chic style?  Could you actually take an old and ugly RV and make it beautiful with a little paint, fabric and some cute decorative accessories?  Then I searched the internet to see what I could find.  I found out that there is a huge following for vintage retro type motor homes and RV trailers.    

I came across several RV makeovers that I do like that, but this is definitely my favorite.  It came from a site called  Home Sweet Motorhome (which is a German Blog).

I love it!  So charming... so chic... so cute.... and absolutely so frigen adorable!!!

The bathroom mirror is so much better than that you would normally find in an RV!

Such a cozy spot to curl up and read a good book or have a romantic meal... I'm lovin the candle chandelier overhead!

I love that there is a curtain to close off the drivers cabin..  The curtain being white like the walls makes it almost disappear when it is closed.

OMG... How adorable is this upper bunk kids space?  Any child would feel so welcome up there!  Then notice there is even a small flat-screen television below that cute blue light sconce.

Notice this is the same space where the u-shape table booth was... With the table lowered it makes an adult bedroom space.  Even though the space is small in the RV, the charm of the decor is HUGE!

The use of vintage linens, soft fabrics and quilts makes this space super cozy and inviting!

Lovin the cute bulletin board with fabric pouches on the outside of the Water Closet... Notice the cute WC on the bathroom door.

A cozy cottage on wheels... What a great way to travel!!!  

So much adorable cuteness in this small space... Every corner has something new... Great ideas went into creating this sweet home on wheels!

They even put their blog site title on the outside of the motor home...

Here is the amazing part... check out these few pictures of the RV before it's makeover... It was pretty ugly in it's before stage!

 During the makeover... 

It's amazing what white paint can do to clean a space up!!!  Well, paint and hard work of course.  

I love the before and after!  Stunning transformation! 

What a fun project :)  It really does makes me want my own!!!


  1. What a great makeover. I love all the little vintage touches. It looks like a miniature antique cottage!

  2. I love this sooooooooo much! Hugs

  3. This is great! If I had an RV like that I might go camping more often. Thanks for sharing!

    Newest linky follower from the Party Hop.

  4. That is amazing! I hate traveling in motor homes, but this one I could make an exception! We tried a camping trip w/ one like the before picture show...I got sea sick! lol It is funny now, but not then! Have a great day! I am following from the part hop :)


  5. That quote behind the toilet is hilarious! Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at!

  6. OMG, that is so awesome. I would die for a motorhome like that. Saw you at the LF blog hop...I'm already a follower :)


  7. Oo la la!! I am amazed to see this makeover man!! It's just like a proper home decoration. I love, if i could have one motor home just like this. It's awesome creation Diana.
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  8. Wow! What a great transformation. Thanks for sharing. Makes me wanna go out and buy an old RV too! I'm visiting via the Linky Followers Party Hop and am now following you. Hope you hop on over and visit me when you get a chance.

  9. How did you get the toilet from ugly gold to so, so white?

  10. Not a man cave for sure. But my grand daughter wood love it

  11. i love it..i love camping also specially when i'm with my family..its pretty fun.

  12. This is my first visiting for your blog but i will be one of your followers because you have useful blog

  13. I'm going to be redoing our travel trailer this summer.. Your blog has given me a lot of great ideas! Thank you..

  14. That is over-the-top chick style travel trailer! By simply looking at it, no one would think that is actually a campervan. Good work on that ride!

  15. I just purchased my first RV which is in good condition but in need of tlc. I have good ideas to decorate the space with but hesitant to make too many changes to the space. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are a great inspiration.

  16. What paint did you use?
    What about the oven stove toilet and did Ou paint the sink?

    1. Harmony, I don't know what the paint is. As the blog post states, I was sharing another persons adorable fun project. If you are going to take on a painting project like this, I would suggest going to your local paint store and let them know what you are painting and get their advice on the best primer and paint to use for your application.
      Hope that helps, Diana

  17. What a chic travel trailer transformation! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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  20. So pretty! Thank you for sharing, this is such an inspiration. I'm planning to customize our RV, I just hope my dad would let me include cute stuff such as what you shared here. Anyhow, we bought our Rv parts and accessories from Toy Hauler Parts, I'm just sharing this info because I found their fast online services and easy transaction impressive.

  21. Wow! That is amazing! It's really surprising and amazing to see how a little paint can spruce up even a boring old trailer, right? Most RV trailers are designed to be simple and useful, but lacking in aesthetics, and one can definitely have a higher chance of selling their old ones if they spruce them up. 
    Jessica Finley

  22. Until now, I had never heard of anyone remodeling a camper trailers like this. It actually seems like a really good idea to me, especially if you are open to doing some things yourself. I can see this as being a really good idea if you wanted to rent out some trailers as well. I know that I am pretty done with sleeping on the hard ground when I get my camp on.

  23. Love this.... ♥ I am doing our motorhome in similar colors. It gives such a homey, cozy feel.

  24. This is adorable <3 I could totally live in that....well done. I'm in love <3


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