November 13, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes - Anthropologie Inspired

I saw the cutest mason jar snow globes on the Anthropologie website.  I have a bit of a Mason Jar obsession, so I pretty much wanted them!  Being that they were from $25 to $40 each, I decided to make my own budget friendly version... And I fancied them up a bit by putting pedestals on them.

I made two different versions of the jars... Both Christmas tree snow globes and pine cone globes.

After I finished making the pine cone globes. I sat them on top of a pair of vintage Pottery Barn pedestal style tarnished silver candle holders.  The jar lids sat on top of them perfectly.  I love the way they look!

I thought I'd give you a quick tutorial on how to make these little beauties?   It was so easy!  I already had several vintage mason jars and jelly jars.  I also purchased some new mason jars to be sure I had plenty on hand.  At the Dollar Tree store I picked up four glass candlesticks for $1 each.  

I went to Michaels Craft Store and purchased a large bag of bottle brush Christmas Trees (on sale of course!)... and also some iridescent glitter and a bag of fake snow.

I used Martha Stewart all purpose craft paint (works on wood, glass, metal, all surfaces), to paint all of the lids and the glass candlesticks that I planned to used as pedestals for some of the jars.

I painted a super soft aqua blue color for the first coat of paint, then I followed up a second coat with a pearl color.  I wanted the bases to have an icy look to them.

After all of the lids and bases were painted and dry.  I glued trees to the inside of the lids (leaving enough room to screw the lids back on their jar).  Then I glued some of the lids to the pedestals I had painted.  I used Gorilla glue since it is waterproof and super strong. (Note: You must follow gorilla glue instructions for use).

After the glue was dried I put about an inch of the faux snow (called Frosty Snow) and sprinkled a bit of glitter into each of the jars.  Then I screwed them onto each of their lids.  

If you are wondering, these are water-less snow globes.  They are not the kind you shake and watch the glitter snow fall.  These are pretty much just for looks... and I love the way they look!   They look like ornaments on display and the glass shows them off beautifully!

I was trying to decide which was my favorite, but I really do like both styles so much I can't decide!  How about you, do you have a favorite?

I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. I love those! I have a show coming up and needed ideas for Christmas-y things to sell. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these! Have a ton of mason jars in need of sprucing-this is perfect! Kelly @ The Happy Nest Project

  3. Omgoodness, I absolutely love these! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am working right now on my DIY mason project ...and still confusing if I am going to take a Christmas theme or fall theme.

  5. Love, love this project!!!! They are beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration! I may have to copy these!!! :)

  6. Loving these, but especially the pine cones. That little bit of snow on the tips of the (what? petals?) are beautiful!


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