Spring Flowers in Mason Jars

This weekend I put spring flowers randomly around our home in mason jars and jelly jars.  I love mason jars! They have so many great uses.  The flowers gave us a nice burst of color around the house for spring and for Easter and they smell amazing.  

Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorite flowers.  I love how they start out green and then turn pink.  They also seem to stay fresh for a long time once you cut the stem and put them into water.

The contrast of the yellow sunflower and the green leaves against the brown sofa and table looks stunning.

 I purchased one spring bouquet of mixed flowers from my grocery store and then I clipped a few roses, carnations, freesia and daisies from my own garden.    

All together I put six little floral arrangements together to look like picked wildflowers.  I just bunched the flowers together with the taller flowers and stems at the center and the shorter things to the outside and then plopped them into different size jars.  In this last picture they are looking a little wilted because the pictures were taken today and I did these mini arrangements a few days ago...  A little wilted, but still they are so pretty!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter Sunday!


  1. Lovely! Nothing like fresh flowers... I'll have to enjoy your pretty Hydrangeas. Those cute little deer that visit me eat all mine up! lol.

    1. No dear here... but last year we had a gopher that completely demolished my first ever organic veggie garden and a few of my flowers. I think (and pray) we got rid of the gopher (or gophers). I have several flowers now doing quite well :) We are working on our garden for this year and are putting metal mesh underneath the veggies this time.

  2. Your arrangements totally look like wildflower...so pretty! I love the shabby chic RV you posted, and your nursery! I found you on Cheri's blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?

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  4. beautiful, simple, classic!


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