Simple Elegance - DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is a simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece that I put together on Thanksgiving morning a couple of years ago.  It took less than 10 minutes to throw it together. Below is a list of the items I used. Most of these items you likely already have in your home.

Mason Jars - (I used a variety of graduating sizes) 

Epsom Salts - Can be found at any Pharmacy for a couple of dollars or ONLINE

Fresh Cranberries (grocery store)


Fall Leaves (my Fall leaves were Silk Maple Leaves bought online.  Since I live in California it's hard to find real ones here!)


Fill each jar with approximately two inches of Epsom Salts (the salt holds the candles up in place and the salts glisten like snow)

Place candle in center of jar (you may want to cut candle bottom off to desired height) 
I did this using scissors to score the candle wax where I wanted to shorten it.  After scoring the wax, the bottom will break off easily, then cut the center wick)

Add cranberries after the candle is in the center

I had previously purchased a huge roll of 4" wide burlap online (300 foot roll for only $9.99) for other projects I was working on.  I put two strips of that burlap down the center of the table as my table runner.

I placed the mason jars in the center and then sprinkled more cranberries and fall leaves around the base of the candles.  Keep in mind that cranberries can stain (that is why I put inexpensive burlap under them).

I loved this simple centerpiece and everyone enjoyed the ambiance and warmth of eating by candlelight.

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  1. diana... i love these candles they look gorgeous but are inexpensive and easy thank you for sharing xx


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