Moving During the Heat Wave... Ugh!

Things have been crazy busy lately.  I spent the past six days helping my daughter pack, move out of, and clean her old apartment.  It just happened to be during the worst heat wave we have had this year. The weather hovered near 100 every day... and we had NO air conditioning.  Ugh!!!  

She is moving from Fullerton, California, the college town that she has been in for the past six years to her favorite beach town (Newport Beach).  Unfortunately her new place isn't ready for another two weeks, so we had to move everything into temporary storage. You'd think moving and cleaning a two bedroom place would go quickly, but it was much more work than we expected!  

Due to the extremely hot weather we did get a hotel for five nights. I booked a killer deal via Hotwire.  We got our room for about 45% below the regular rate.... and it came with a free full breakfast, which made mornings super easy!  (Except the part that involved having to wake up, lol).

Overall, we had a good time, laughed allot, made some great memories while spending quality time together.  That is not something we get to do very often ever since she first went off to college.  Six days together was so enjoyable.  Now that I'm back home, I am missing her already!

When we get her moved into her new place we will be doing some fun decorating stuff.  I will be sure to share the pictures of her new beach pad.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


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