August 10, 2012

$5 DIY Memo Board - Thrifty Crafty Chic

Frame + Paint + Glaze + Chicken Wire = Stunning Memo Board

I took a $2 yard sale frame and took out the picture that was in it.  I was left with a frame that had a ton of potential, had amazing detail but was a completely ugly color and the picture was hideous!  I got out my Rustoleum aqua spray paint (which is my latest paint obsession) and got to town spraying it!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture of the ugly frame and it's atrocious picture.
When shopping at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales, be sure to look at an item for what it can be not what it looks like in it's current state.  What this looked like "before" would have scared most people away.  Remember, if an item has good bones, anything can be transformed with paint!!!

After the paint dried, I took the frame to my craft room, plopped it on an old beach towel on the floor (so the glaze wouldn't get on the carpet) and gathered all of my crafting supplies that this project would need.   

First I unrolled the chicken wire, which requires being super careful because those edges are sharp!!!  Then I  simply stapled it to the rear of my wood frame (note: if you were using a plastic frame, the staples would not work).  

After it was completely stapled all the way around, I cut the wire edges and bent them towards the frame so they would not scratch the heck out of me!

I then turned it over and using my sponge brush covered everything with a thin coat of glaze (including the wire, to give it a vintage look)

I used a damp washcloth to wipe excess glaze off of the frame and there you have it...  A $2 frame, about $2 worth of chicken wire and $1 worth of paint and I have this beautiful framed memo board that I can use to help me organize my craft ideas, inspirational quotes and photos.

I am thinking about putting a piece of burlap fabric behind the chicken wire to allow for more contrast and texture.  What do you think???

To burlap or not to burlap?

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  1. Oh I like it just how it is! Super Cute!!

  2. Oh it's darling!!!! Burlap? Hmm... I am a terrible decision maker ;) So I ma no help at all.

    1. You are funny! How can you be a terrible decision maker? You make so many pretty things and making them definitely involves decisions!!!

  3. So0 pretty! You did a wonderful job! I love the color!

  4. Simply fabulous - I do love the addition of the burlap!

  5. Hi. Someone had posted this on Facebook and I had to come check ya out. Love the frame/memo board. Cute idea and the color is great. Im now following you from Please come visit me and maybe you'll follow back?? THANKS. 8-)

  6. This is a really pretty idea! I think I might have to pick up a can of that spraypaint.... :-) I'd say go with the burlap!

  7. Found your blog through Hometalk and this memo board is just darling. Gotta dig around for some old frames as these would make great gifts too!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I went and bought a yard of burlap to try it behind the board. Since I am hanging the board on a white wall in my craft room I am thinking the burlap will be a nice contrast. I will post an update picture of it once I finish it :) Blessings, Diana

  9. Super cute! I love the chicken wire with the vintage-looking frame. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. Very Lovely!!!Sweet Sentiment!TFS


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