Cell Phone Charges - Highway Robbery!!!

I can't believe the cell phone bill we got today!

Don't ever use your cell phone on a cruise ship!!!  We had added a cell plan that included Mexico for our vacation, yet Carnival has billed us on our Verion bill for $339 for 136 minutes of ship roaming. We were also debited our Verizon international minutes at the same time (136 minutes).  So basically we were charged twice.  Ugh!!!  We were right off of the coast when my daughter was using her phone but apparently Carnival is the closest tower so that is what the phone uses.   And to top it off my eldest daughter went over on her minutes last month to the tune of $553 in minute overage charges... By the time you add the taxes, our cell phone bill was $900 extra for this last month.  It is killing me to think about it!!! 

I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone today with Verizon trying to resolve this. They are going to try to get a credit from Carnival, but likely Carnival won't honor it.    I will get a small credit from Verizon on the international minutes, but our bill is still going to be more than $800 over our normal monthly bill.

It's total highway robbery!!!!!  They make millions off of us and they still continue to rip us off.  I'm so frustrated right now!

It's not like I have an extra grand a month.... I could take another vacation if I did... :(

Sorry for the bummer post, but I needed to vent!!!

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