DIY Five Dollar Memo Board

Take a yard sale frame, add paint, glaze and some chicken wire and you get a stunning memo board.  Can you believe that I made this beauty for only $5.

I found this frame (with a really ugly picture in it) for $2 at a yard sale..  Although it was super ugly, under the ugly I saw that the frame had good details and a ton of potential. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of "before".

After removing the ugly picture (and trashing it) I  painted the frame with Rust-Oleum spray paint (aqua) that was left over from a prior project.  Rust-Oleum has many beautiful colors that work great for painting (updating) accent pieces!
When shopping at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales, be sure to look at an item for what it can be not what it looks like in it's current state.  What this looked like "before" would have scared most people away.  Remember, if an item has good bones, anything can be transformed with paint!!!

I spray painted the frame in the garage, then after the paint dried, I took it into my craft room, plopped it on an old beach towel on the floor (so the glaze wouldn't get on the carpet) and gathered all of my crafting supplies that this project would need.   

First I unrolled the chicken wire, which requires being super careful because those edges are sharp!!!  I cut it with wire cutters and then I  simply stapled it to the rear of my wood frame (note: if this were a plastic frame, staples would not work).  

After it was completely stapled all the way around, I cut the wire edges and bent them towards the frame so they would not scratch me or anyone when hanging.

I then turned it over and using my sponge brush covered everything with a thin coat of glaze (including the wire, to give it a vintage look)

I used a damp washcloth to wipe the excess glaze off of the frame and there you have it...  Notice how the glaze enhances all of the frames beautiful details.  I love this look! 

A $2 frame, about $2 worth of chicken wire and $1 worth of paint and I have this beautiful framed memo board that I can use to help me organize my craft ideas, inspirational quotes and photos.

There are tons of items that you can find at yard sales, swap meets and thrift stores for just a few dollars.  And with a can of Spray Paint you can transform them into beautiful decorative accent pieces for your home.  

Until next time,
Happy decorating!


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