Craft Room Overhaul - Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what is happening in my craft room.  The picture isn't great as it is from my cell phone, but you can see that I am getting organized... and when I am done, I will be able to actually do crafts in my craft room!  

On New Years Day I mentioned that we are giving my craft room (which has pretty much been my storage/hoarding room for over a year now) a complete clean-out and makeover.  A few inexpensive storage and organizing systems are going in and I am working at getting through all of the collectibles (lol... clutter).  When I get further along in the progress I will share some before and after pictures.  The before pictures of the room are so scary that I don't want to scare anyone away :)  

The transformation is already amazing, but there is a long way to go...  Seriously I had like 40 boxes of stuff to go through...  I have been making piles to trash, donate and keep... and if it's something I want to keep, I then get to figure out how/where it is going to go in the room.  If I don't have room for it, I can't keep it.  

It will be a couple of weeks before the project is complete, but it will be worth it!

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