So Many Projects - So Little Time

Today I set out to makeover a couple of vintage mirrors that I found at the flea market awhile back.  I was all excited about getting a project started and finished today.  I even shared a comment on my Facebook blog page that said I was working on a flea market makeover and planned on having it posted by tonight.  

So why does it seem that other things always come up and get in the way, making it impossible to finish a project in a timely manner?  Everything takes longer than I ever expect it to!  I'm not complaining, it just seems like I have so many projects and yet so little time.  It wasn't even that big of a project... It should have been easy to accomplish this little task.  But, nope... It's not finished yet.
I was at home getting started on my project when just after 10:30 a.m. I heard the garage door opening.  On any other day, I don't hear the garage open until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.  My poor hubby came home from work totally sick... with a fever, hacking up a lung (or two).  Poor thing sounds horrible, he looks horrible and of course, he feels horrible.  It's definitely upper respiratory.  His breathing is a bit labored and the constant coughing just won't stop.  

I finally helped him get settled.  Gave him some Tylenol and another medication with cough suppressant and expectorant.  And he actually managed to fall asleep for awhile.  Okay, good.... Now back to my project.

I had taken apart my two vintage mirrors.  The frames are both a plastic molded frame that had a back screwed on... so it was easy to remove the backing and the mirror, separating the frames from the mirrors for easy painting.  This way is so much easier than taping off the mirrors.  I then cleaned the frames removing all of the dirt and dust.  I used a dry paint brush to remove dust from the crevices.  Then just used a damp rag to wipe them down. 

Out to my garage/shop area and into my homemade paint booth.  If you haven't seen my paint booth, you can see it and read how we made it HERE.  Yeah, I love to paint!  Coat number one, then let it dry... an hour later a second coat of paint.  Tip: doing two thinner coats of paint and allowing it to dry in between helps to prevent any drips from occurring.  
This is where the project took a halt.  I ended my hubby to the doctors around 2:30 and did not get home until almost 6:00.   Needless to say, the project will not be complete until tomorrow.  Even if I finished it tonight, I would not be able to get good pictures since it's too dark.  Pictures in daylight are always better!

So tomorrow, God willing, I will get my finished mirrors put back together, hung on the wall and hopefully get good pictures of them to share with all of you.  What color will they be?  You'll just have to wait and see :)

Until then...
Happy decorating!



  1. Love those mirror frames. They are beautiful....!! Can't wait to see the make over !!

  2. I love your mirrors and can't wait to see the makeover- I am betting white!!! xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana... That was a good bet, because normally I would have painted them white. But since my wall is white, I decided to go contrasting and painted them black :) You can see them finished on my new blog post...



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