DIY Valentine's Art and a Fun Craft

Check this out, I created my own one of a kind framed wall art.  This is how I did it...

I made a Valentine's mobile that hangs above my kitchen table.  I used left over foam hearts from the centerpiece I made a couple days ago.  

Then I snapped pictures of my craft.  I used PicMonkey to modify the look of the photos and created this art (pictured below).  It's so cool that we can make our own one of a kind photo art with just a few simple adjustments to the photo! 

Here is the mobile I made for above the kitchen dining table.  I had a branch hanging centered over my kitchen table that I had put up for Christmas to hang ornaments from.  I decided to keep the branch up to use for all of the different holidays throughout the year.   I used fishing line to hang a couple of small mason jars (to put battery operated votive candles in) and I stapled the foam hearts together to create the center hanging.  I used two sided tape to attach the hearts to the mason jars.  It was super simple.  The entire project took less than 10 minutes.

This last photo is the photo I modified to create my framed wall art.  I love how it turned out!

Valentine's decorations don't need to be expensive.  Just a little creativity and you can come up with all sorts of cute ideas.

Until next time,
Happy decorating!



  1. Yes, I agree with you we do not need to decorate an expensive...there are many alternatives you can do just like what you did on this masons jars.

    1. It's really an amazing craft, if we can make such kind of crafts in our homes so obviously we don't need have spend money on expensive gifts.


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