Christmas Dining Table Decorating Ideas

Ah... the Christmas dining table... so many ways to be creative... from the place settings, to the centerpieces to the table linens and even the chandelier. The imagination is endless on this one. Here are some pictures to help us get inspired... I found everything from simple to elegant to cute to stunning!

In this first pictures the decorations are elegant, done in black, golds and cream. Done with mostly greenery, ornaments, candles and a few flowers. This look is beautiful and fairly simple to achieve. I'm not sure where this photo originated from as I have seen it in a couple of places... but I love it so I thought I'd share it.

Pretty creamy whites with gold and a little touch of green..  This picture feels a little empty in the middle to me.. like the table needs a pretty chandelier hanging over it, or maybe some more height to the centerpiece. It's pretty... but I might add a little more height.

This next picture has sort of a homey cottage feel to it. I it is cute with all the red and white... candy ornaments on the tree, then snowmen on the table. I imagine this would go over very well with the little ones!

This next photo made me think of a Partridge in a Pear Tree, given that there are pears hanging from the chandelier. Unfortunately the clarity on this photo wasn't great so I couldn't enlarge it to see any more detail. I like the large bowl of ornaments in the center of the table.. It makes for an easy festive centerpiece.

The centerpiece on this next table is a great easy DIY idea. Large ornaments with the letters N O E L on them written in glitter paint. You can purchase glitter paint and/or glitter glue, with a fine tip for writting, at your local craft store. You just write directly onto the ornaments and let dry. I like the way thes are set on candlesticks that have different heights. The wide red ribbon down the center of the table as a runner with more red ornaments is a pretty contrast against the white. I like that this is easy and adorable!

This next centerpiece is likely from a formal dinner party or a wedding reception. A fun DIY project is putting a snow effect into jars and vases.  To do this, I have found that Epsom salts work very well. They are inexpensive and really do look like snow. Also the heat from candles doesn't have any effect on them. You might also mix in flecks of glitter to add a little sparkle to the snow. You can use candles with your snow or add other decorative elements, like pine cones, ornaments or red berries... Just use your imagination and have fun!

(Pictures all found on Pinterest - original sources unknown)

I snapped this last picture at Pier One a couple of days ago. They have some cute Christmas stuff.. Although this table is a little cluttered... You can see lots of cute items.

I like to find a few items at thrift stores or flea markets to add a vintage touch to my table. But for ornaments and pops of color I do shop retail. Craft stores are a good place for things like pine cones, ornaments, glitter, floral picks and faux greenery. I like shopping Joann's and Michael's. They have some pretty great sales right now. If you prefer not to do DIY crafting projects you can find pre-made holiday decorations, such as: wreaths, greenery and garland swags at your craft store. Whatever you do have fun with it and don't be afraid to try something new!

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  2. Love the traditional colors of red, white and green wioth those Christmas table decorations ! That red christmas ball centerpiece is stunning!!!


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