Mason Jar Love

I just love mason jars! There are so many great uses for them. They are an inexpensive creative way to add decorative accents to any space. I myself often use them as vases for flowers I pick from my garden. Also, I use them as candle holders and as drinking glasses. However, I have found many inspirational pictures, most are easy DIY projects, that you can also use mason jars for. Hopefully these pictures will bring you as much inspriation as they did me!


(photo sources: meaghanmonroe.tumblr, dreamwalkers.tumblr, (several photos) thingsinmasonjars.tumblr, lilykleppertknoop.tumblr, etsy, alli-gatoralley.tumblr, mair-betha.tumblr, dirtcouture.tumblr)


  1. Lovely collection of useful ways to use Mason Jars! I haven't been able to find them where I live (Netherlands) but all jars get saved here. The Mason Jars however are more special to me. They remind me so much of home.

    Love your blog and I have joined!
    Take care!

  2. Lovely post! I adore mason jars. Aqua the most ;) Thanks for gathering them up.


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